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if i wasn't about to go to college and have all my money that i don't have sucked by education, i would totally support your videos.

Samination responds:

Who needs college?

this is the first time i've ever seen one of your videos. you're a funnier gamer than anyone else i know or don't know.

Samination responds:

Well that's a nice complement. Thank u!

an old video but a classic

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The game was cute and fun, but after a while gets simple and repetitive. Sometimes picking up the blocks won't work, so I get stuck on a level or two for a minute longer.

just tried this game so idk about past bugs, but i don't really see any bugs in the game now. (btw, defense is spelled wrong in upgrades but idc about spelling errors) the game is overall challenging and addicting, with good music that fits in well with the theme. the controls are basic, but i wish there would be more options with the formation, ie clustered formation or phalanx (those are just ideas though), and the upgrade choices are well done. i love the game overall.

decent game, quite a bit of options to choose from, yet very limited to keep the story short. of course this could be turned into a short series but there's enough walking dead and other zombie shows out there. pretty good game and art. i kinda like the music but there could be more fitting music for this game.

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the guitar doesn't sound like it's actually a guitar. i could see all the instruments being played within the gameboy. doesn't really sound too good honestly and really repetitive, but i guess it's alright.

sounds great but i think it could use some heavy bass in it. still think it's worth 5 stars either way

10 years later i forgot to comment on this. anyways, this is song is the definition of epic.

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